Jun 25, 2016 Daily Rasi Phalalu for Kanya by KT Astrologer

Sat Jun 25, 2016

Mumbai, India Time Zone: GMT +5.50

Moon positioned at Dhanshita Star 4 padha in Kumba Rasi at time of Sun Rise 06:05 AM





Your physical energy levels will be low. Make sure to take protein and fiber rich food.

26 [23 - 44]

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You can expect good support from your family members; but you need to develop good soft skills.

36 [34 - 53]

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Avoid unnecessary arguments even silence can make you feel better.

40 [38 - 53]

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Avoid fights with your management since your time is not looking good.

34 [30 - 53]

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Avoid unnecessary travel so that you can spend time in protective ways.

37 [33 - 57]

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Think twice if you have to spend big amount of money on shopping or take any important financial decision.

26 [23 - 45]

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It is better to avoid trading since stock trading cannot give you favorable results.

26 [22 - 44]

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God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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