Jupiter Transit (Aug 2016 to Sep 2017) (First Phase) Horoscope (Guru Peyarchi / Guru Gochar) for Pisces (Meena Rasi)

Aug 11, 2016 to Sep 20, 2016 Great Recovery (65 / 100)

The relationship conflicts with your spouse will start go down. There will not be any family politics. If you were separated from your spouse, you will start taking steps to lead life together. Your family environment will be supportive for your growth. It is a good time to plan for baby as well. You can start looking for match from now. Lovers will get breathing space and find some time on romance.
If you were unemployed currently, you will start attending interviews and get good offer in the next few weeks. Your work pressure and tension will go down. Your new manager will be supportive for your growth. You will get good opportunities to work on high visibility projects. Business people will come up with innovative ideas. It is a time for you to work with investor to get enough funding. Freelancer, real estate agents will start doing much better now.
Travelling is looking good since both Jupiter and Rahu are in good position. But make sure to get enough details about the new place in case of foreign land. All your financial problems will take a complete pause. You can be happy that you have already seen the bottom since you can only go up from this point. Still it is too early for day traders and speculators. Professional traders will perform well in this phase.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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