Jupiter Transit (Aug 2016 to Sep 2017) (Second Phase) Horoscope (Guru Gochara Rashi Phalam) for Pisces (Meenam)

Sep 20, 2016 to Jan 18, 2017 Good Fortunes (85 / 100)

It is a good time to look for new opportunities and you will get an excellent offer with good salary package, stock options and sign in bonus. There is no surprise if it comes up with favorable relocation. Your work pressure and tension will get ease and you will get closer to your top management. Long waited promotions and salary hikes will happen now. Business people will see their new ideas getting materialized into good fortunes. If you expect any funds from investors, you will get it by Nov 2016. Freelancers and commission agents will start shining during this time period. You will come out of the legal issues now. Travelling is looking good and your visa will get approved.
You will do very well on your finance. Expenses will come down while cash flow is high. Surplus money will make you feel happy. It is a good time to do any real estate transactions � both buying and selling properties. It is a very good time to enter into stock market and you will book decent gains on the trade Options and day traders will book significant profits now. If you are from movie industry, it is a good time to work on the projects, audio launch and movie release.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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