Jupiter Transit (Aug 2016 to Sep 2017) (Fourth Phase) Horoscope (Guru Gochara Rasi Phalalu) for Taurus (Rishaba)

Jun 9, 2017 to Sep 11, 2017 Big Fortunes (85 / 100)

Long waited promotions and salary hikes will happen now. If you are looking for new opportunities, you will get an excellent and interview process will be very smooth and easy. It is a good time to take off and go for family vacation as well. Business people will make excellent progress and gross profits will be more. If you are running startup company, it may even get takeover offer. It is going to be a much rewarding phase for Freelancers and commission agents.
You would enter onto debt free zone now. All your bad debts will get settled and you will be happy with the progress you make on the finance. Your expenses will get controlled while income it shooting up. It is an excellent to buy and move into new home. Bank loans and closing process will be smooth. Investors and professional traders will book excellent profits now. Day trading and speculative options trading will also be profitable now.
If your movie is coming out during this time period, it will become super hit and mainstream media will be after you. You will rise up to a new rising star and VIP in the industry. Financial rewards are highly indicated on the cards now.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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