KT Astrologer Consultations


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For Paid Consultation (payment options)

General Predictions
Chart Type Description Actual Cost
Individual Natal Chart / Kundali Analysis and answers to your questions (Max 4 questions) on health, career, business, love, finance, legal, etc. 150 USD or 9,750 INR
Couples Natal Chart / Kundali Analysis and answers to your questions (Max 4 questions) on health, career, business, love, finance, legal, etc. 200 USD or 13,000 INR
Indivdual or
30 minutes Phone consultations for new clients (Natal Chart will be provided, but no - No written report). 150 USD or 9,750 INR


The following two options are available only for existing clients. That is who have already used the any one of the above 3 options!

General Predictions
Chart Type Description Actual Cost
Indivdual or
Follow up Consultations through email for existing clients 75 USD or 4,875 INR
Indivdual or
30 minutes Phone Consultations for existing clients. 100 USD or 6,500 INR


Email kt_astrologer@softwareandfinance.com
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Twitter https://twitter.com/ktastrologer
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ktastrologer.us
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Choose one of the five payment methods and then forward the receipt and your questions to kt_astrologer@softwareandfinance.com. KT Astrologer will look into your chart only after you made the payment.

Information Required for Horoscope Predictions

  • Email your question to kt_astrologer@softwareandfinance.com, along with the following details:
    • Your name
    • Your gender
    • Your date of birth - (Use English Month Name) Ex: Feb 18, 1981 OR 26/June/1978
    • Your time of birth
    • Your place of birth - City, State and Country
    • Your current location
    • Your detailed questions
    • If Married, let us know your marriage date and spouse birth details to get more accurate horoscope prediction.
  • You will get acknowledgement for the payment usually within one day. You will receive horoscope predictions within 3 - 5 business days (excluding week-ends).


Most Frequently Asked Questions About our service


1. What kind of details I will get?
We will include your birth chart with dasha and bukthi details. And your question will be answered by KT Astrologer in detail.


2. Can I ask question after I receive the report?
Yes, your followup questions will be answered promptly. But if you ask questions after couple of months, then you have to pay the fee again.


3. Can I get telephone consultations?
Yes. Follw up Phone consultations are offered after making additional payment. Please refer to the table above for the rates.


4. Is my information is secured and confidential?
Yes, your chart details, birth date, time, questions you asked and every communication will be kept completely confidential.


5. Can I get 2, 3 years or 5 years detailed report?
No, Unfortunately KT Astrologer does not have time to work one chart extensively for long time to create such report, even though you are willing to pay higher amount.


About KT Astrologer
Name KT Astrologer
Real Name Kathir
KT Stands For First and Third Letter of Real Name "Kathir"
Age About 40
Education M.S. Software Systems from BITS, Pilani.
Current Location / TimeZone USA - Pacific Time Zone
Skills Mathemetics, Astronomy, Astrology, Software Programming
Astrology Work Did self research with Vedic / Western Astrology using analytics and case studies for about 15 years.
Favorite Spiritual Leaders Ramana Maharishi, Vallalar
Favorite Person Bill Gates