2016 April ஏப்ரல் மாத Family and Love பலன்கள் Palangal for Mesha Rasi (மேஷம்)

Family, Love & Relationship

Since Saturn loses its strength as this month progress, you can expect some relief but only at end of this month after April 26, 2016. Still it is a bad time to plan for baby. Even if you go with IVF or IUI, you will not get favorable results. Your children will not cooperate with you and can give you hectic time. The mental stress would be high and you need to have develop lot of patience and soft skills to handle the problems one by one.
Lovers will have lot of fights and arguments and romance will be missing completely on relationship. If you are eligible single, you can start looking for a match after April 26, 2016.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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