2016 April ഏപ്രിൽ Education Rasi Phalam for Midhunam (മിഥുനം)


Students will continue to do well on their studies this month as well. Great success and award winning opportunities are highly indicated on the cards. If you are into sports, there is no doubt you will be game changer and bring victory to your team. You will be key person and most wanted beloved person in your friend�s circle. Close intimacy with your friends can increase happiness. Love proposal is also likely for Midhuna Rasi girls in this month.

Meenam (മീനം)

Medam (മേടം)

Edavam (ഇടവം)

Midhunam (മിഥുനം)

Kumbham (കുംഭ)

Karkidakam (കര് ക്കിടകം)

Makaram (മകരം)

Chingham (ചിങ്ങം)

Dhanu (ധനു)

Vrishchikam (വൃശ്ചികം)

Thulam (തുലാം)

Kanni (കന്നി)

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