2016 April ഏപ്രിൽ Health Rasi Phalam for Kanni (കന്നി)


This month is also looking great to maintain your sound health. Your confidence and energy level will go up. You will be brave enough to face any challenges on your life. If you are into sports, big winnings are indicated and there is no surprise if you get any awards. Your sound health will make you enjoy all the comforts in your life. You will be looking very good and attractive people around you. Kanni Rasi girls may pleasantly get surprised with new love proposal. You may have to go through couple of sleepless nights mostly because of overexcitement.

Meenam (മീനം)

Medam (മേടം)

Edavam (ഇടവം)

Midhunam (മിഥുനം)

Kumbham (കുംഭ)

Karkidakam (കര് ക്കിടകം)

Makaram (മകരം)

Chingham (ചിങ്ങം)

Dhanu (ധനു)

Vrishchikam (വൃശ്ചികം)

Thulam (തുലാം)

Kanni (കന്നി)

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