2016 May Monthly Horoscope Rashi Phalam by KT Astrologer


Jupiter will gain extra ordinary strength around May 25, 2016. From this date, Jupiter will dominate and deliver results compared to Saturn. So people born in Makara Rasi (Capricorn), Midhuna Rasi (Gemini), Simha Rasi (Leo), and Meena Rasi (Pisces) need to be very careful around May 25, 2016. Sudden debacle is indicated.
People born in Mesha Rasi (Aries), Kataga Rasi (Cancer), Thula Rasi (Libra), Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius), Kumba Rasi (Aquarius) will enjoy most fortunes especially by last week of this month.
People born in Kanni Rasi (Virgo), Rishaba Rasi (Taurus), Viruchiga Rasi (Scorpio) will see mixed results out of Jupiter direct station.
Special Note for Capricorn, Gemini and Virgo Moon Sign: Saturn and Mars conjunction is looking good for you. If you have got any significant gains and major positive changes like engagements, new job or home, etc, in the last 4 months, you need to be more cautious since Jupiter will create obstacles and may take away fortunes for the next couple of months. Still you will have excellent time and sky rocketing growth for sure when Saturn goes direct station by Aug 2016.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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