2016 June Monthly Movie Stars and Politicians Horoscope Rasi Palan for Aquarius (Kumba)

Politician People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc

Move artists, producers, distributors, politicians will continue to enjoy good fortunes. You will not have any hidden enemies at this time and hence your growth will be much faster and very smooth. People around you may even jealous of your growth. Financially it is going be much rewarded time and make sure to invest your money into diversified portfolio including real estate. If you have got stuck any pending litigation or tax / audit problems, you will come out of it smoothly on your favor.
Additional Note: If you are getting into any new relationship, be extra careful. Even though the new relationship make you dance in the sky, it may create problems later this year that could even affect your name and fame.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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