2016 July Monthly Work and Career Horoscope Rasi Palan for Leo (Simma)

Work and Career

You would see some relief from hectic work environment. I do not see any improvements at your workplace rather you would some time off in the beginning of this month or your problematic manager would go on vacation, that can reduce the problems. You may even get laid off or terminated from your service between July 18, 2016 and July 30, 2016. If you can manage to stay in your job until last month, it shows that you have got very good natal chart. Because even if you lose job now, you would be able to get another offer in the next couple of months. While promotion and salary hikes are out of the questions or expectations, if you are looking for you new opportunities, it is better to wait until Sep 20, 2016.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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