Rahu Transit (Jan 2016 to Aug 2017) Apr 16, 2017 to Aug 20, 2017 Horoscope (Rahu Peyarchi / Rahu Gochar) for Aries (Mesha)

Apr 16, 2017 to Aug 20, 2017 Health and Finance Problems (35 / 100)

There is no surprise if you have very low on your energy level. You would have developed weak immune system and prone to catch up any diseases faster in this time period. Keep good diet and exercise to maintain your good health. Drive carefully since minor accidents are indicated in this period.
You will see the worst on your family problems with lot of fights and arguments. Your relationship with many close family members and relatives will get affected. Family politics will also get much worse since you do not even know whom to believe. There is no other option except to wait until next Jupiter transit that can happen on Sep 11, 2017. Until then tolerance is the medicine for you. Do not plan any subha karyas since it will get postponed beyond your control. Lovers will see bad results on romance and there will not be conjugal bliss with your spouse.
Unfortunately this is going to another testing period on your career. If you are running weak maha dasa, you will get laid off again. Financial problems to get worse and you will have to keep increasing your debt ceiling to meet your daily financial needs. Let it be any investments you do, can lead to financial disaster in your life. It is going to be a bad time for financial and trading professional. Stay away from stock market trading completely. You will start getting relief from Sep and Oct 2017 due to upcoming favorable Jupiter and Saturn transits.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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