Rahu Transit (Jan 2016 to Aug 2017) Dec 11, 2016 to June 22, 2017 Horoscope (Rahu Peyarchi / Rahu Gochar) for Sagittarius (Dhanushu Rashi)

Dec 11, 2016 to June 22, 2017 Things will turn Bad into Worse (20 / 100)

Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu are in their bad position and you will start seeing failures on everything you do. Your health will get adversely affected with Janma Sani. Possibility of minor surgery is also indicated on the cards. You will develop serious conflicts and arguments with your spouse. It can lead to temporary separation and legal issues from the court.
This period may welcome with your unemployment. You may get laid off or terminated from your service. Even though you work hard, you are not likely to move up on your career. If you are working in a foreign land, your visa validity will be over and will have to travel back to homeland. This is going to be a very much challenging period on your finance. All of your investments will go down on its value. It is a bad time to invest money in stock market.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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