Saturn Transit (Nov 2014 to Oct 2017) Nov 02, 2014 to Mar 14, 2015 Horoscope (Sani Peyarchi / Shani Gochar) for Pisces (Meena Rasi)

Nov 02, 2014 to Mar 14, 2015 Great Success and Happiness (70 / 100)

All your mental sufferings will end during this time. You will feel that you are very much relaxed on your mind. If you went through any mental anxiety problems, it will get corrected with simple medication during this time. It is a good time to join with your mate, if you were separated. Lovers will find excellent time on their romance. If you are eligible single, you will find a good match. Eligible couples will also get blessed with baby during this time.
If you are unemployed, you will get an excellent job for sure during this time. Since Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are in good position, you may demand for higher salary in big companies. You will also get sign up bonus and stock options. It is a very good time to enter into stock market. Business people and traders will see great recovery and success.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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