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Volume 1 - Issue 1

Dec 2011

Kataga Rasi (Cancer) Sani Peyarchi Palangal - Saturn Transit - (Nov 14, 2011 to Nov 02, 2014) Predictions

For the last two and half years, saturn was in your 3rd house and might have made your life enjoyable in various aspects of life including career, finance and health. For the last over 6 months, you might be having problems with your health and career. It would be mainly because of Mars transiting in your janma sthanam and Jupiter was in your 10th house.

Now Saturn is entering into your 4th house which is called Arthastama Sani, which is not a favorable position. You need to get prepared to face problems related to your career, finance and health. Chances are there you may loose your job also. You will have difficulties in work environment, work pressure will be more with less benefits. Take care of your health.


This is definitely not a good time for your investments. You will have a great relief for one year between May 2012 and May 2013, when Jupiter was in your 11th house. Even this time, it would be better to play safe in your investments. If you are running week maha dasa and bukthi, then it may drain out your investments with saturn's malefic energy.

The intensity of the problems would be more when Jupiter further moves onto your 12th house from May 31, 2013 onwards.

Overall this sani peyarchi would be very much testing period and you can not expect much from it. You will have some relief between May 2012 to May 2013.

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