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Volume 1 - Issue 1

Dec 2011

Midhuna Rasi (Gemini) Sani Peyarchi Palangal - Saturn Transit - (Nov 14, 2011 to Nov 02, 2014) Predictions

For the last two and half years, saturn was in your 4th house and might have made your life miserable in various aspects of life including career, finance and health. Now the good news is you are ending your arthastama sani. For the last 6 months might be reasonably better for you because Jupiter was in your 11th house. Jupiter might have solved your financial problems as it belongs to labha sthanam.

Now Saturn is entering into your 5th house which is much better than 4th house. Saturn in the 5th house would give you problems within your family, children. Especially if you are single, it is the time to stay away from seeking for suitable match. Since this position would misguide you in selecting your life partner.

You can safely play in your investments until May 2012 since both Mars and Jupiter are in much favorable position. You can buy/sell land/homes this time. This luck is only for the next 6 months time period.


Expenses would be more when Jupiter enters into Rishabham on May 17, 2012 since it belongs to your 12th house called viraya sthanam. You need to avoid taking loans since it would be very difficult for you to repay.

Overall this sani peyarchi would be another testing period, but you will have lot of relief from now until mid-May of 2012. Then you can find the relief only at the end this sani peyarchi , that is Jun 19, 2014 onwards.

Be careful in handling finance in between May 17, 2012 - Jun 19, 2014

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