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Volume 1 - Issue 1

Dec 2011

Meena Rasi (Pisces) Sani Peyarchi Palangal - Saturn Transit - (Nov 14, 2011 to Nov 02, 2014) Predictions

In the last over two years, Saturn was in your 7th house and you might have completed the course of Kandagha Sani. You might have faced problems in your health, immigration and problems with you spouse. Currently Jupiter in 2nd house along with Mars in the 6th house, make you feel happy in somewhat related to your finance.

Now saturn is moving onto your 8th house and making a very clear RED signal to all of your progress in your life. You will get stuck in everything you do. First 6 months from now, you may have little financial relief, because of Jupiyer. Other problems would start coming up one by one.


When Jupiter moves onto Rishabhan by May 2012, you will not make any progress. You will loose money if you are into investments. Health would suffer a lot. There is no surprise even if you loose your job by end of next year. Income would be very less compared expense. You need to keep borrowing money to move on your life.

Even with next Jupiter Transit, you may not see good relief. When Jupiter moves on Katagam by Jun 2014, you will see significant relief.

Overall this sani peyarchi is not good, especially for the two years between May 2012 to June 2014. Note that this 2 years time is a clear RED signal to all of your speculative investments. The first and last 6 months of sani peyarchi is reasonably OK.

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