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Volume 2 - Issue 4

April 2012

Astrology - April 2012 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Kataga Rasi (Cancer)

Sun will be transiting into your 9th house and 10th house indicating favorable period in the second half of this month. Mercury is also not favorable during this month but venus is in very much favorable position. Currenty Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are not in good position. But the effect of Jupiter transit into Rishabha and Saturn transit into Kanni by May 17 can be felt from this month onwards. So it is going to bring you awesome news and excellent time for you because both of these transits are very much favorable for you. You will start enjoy your time from end of this month.

It is betten you avoid speculative trading and short term investments and you can consider investing towards the end of this month or begining of next month. Your health will recover during this month a lot and you will obtain your sound health back by end of this month.


Work environment would not be good now and but will keep getting better day by day during this month. Problems with in the family will get resolved one by one this month. In general, your will get a big relief from your finance problem you have been facing for the last over 8 months. Income will keep going up by reducing the expenses this month. Students will get enough energy to concentrate on their studies. For business people and traders, it is going to be a better month than March, but may not be completely profitable. But good progress can be made during this month.



Problems from the government sector, if any, will get resolved easily. If you are waiting for on-site / foreign travel, you will get your visa and you may travel as soon as by next month. Your projects at work would become successful and you will get closer to top management.

Things will get much better day by day for you in this month and get ready to enjoy the breeze from end of this month.

April 2012 Monthly Rasi Palan (Horoscope) for each moon sign

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