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Volume 2 - Issue 7

July 2012

Astrology - July 2012 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Simha Rasi (Leo)

Sun will be transiting into your 11st house and 12th house indicating favorable position in the first halg of this month. Jupiter and Saturn are already in unfavorable position. Mars transit in 2nd house will lessen your physical suffering. Venus is in good position for you, but not mercury! Both Rahu and Ketu are not placed well for you!


Your health needs some attention during this month. Psychologically you will feel upset since there is no luck and no growth during this month, but it will be only for short-term. You will be mentally unrest from July 15 onwards. However Saturn transit to Thula Rasi will provide you a great releif from next month onwards.


Saturn will create problems in your parents health and ancestor's property. The relationship with your spouse and children will have some setback. But you will regain your control and recover a lot shortly, from early next month onwards.


You will face many obstacles on your career during this month. You need to adjust yourself in your work environment. Co-workers will point you for no reasons. Your managers will start doing micro management towards you! You may even lose your job if you are not careful and if you have a weak natal chart. But nothing to be feared on your work environment because saturn will become favorable from next month onwards. With the strong support from Sun, you will get any pending immigration benefits and visa before July 15, 2012.


Stay away from trading. Expenses will go up along with decreasing money inflow to your account from various source. Stock market would not be favorable for you!


Overall this month will be a testing period for you. You will have some good news from next month onwards.


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