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Volume 3 - Issue 4

April 2013

Paradesi - Movie Review

Starring: Adharva, Vedhicka, Dhaniska
G V Prakash Kumar
Release Date:
Mar 15, 2013


Theis story timeline is around early days of the British Raj. Rasa (Adharvaa) Orphaned at a young age and he is brought up by his grandma. He is living in a rural village in the Madras Presidency.



Angamma (Vedhicka), a village girl is in love with and making funs with. She confesses her love for him and entire village gets to know about it! Angamma's mother objects as Rasa is is not a qualified person because of his jobless. Rasa then goes to the nearby village in search of work. He comes across a Kangani, who then follows Rasa back to his village. The Kangani offers a work for the villagers at the British tea plantations at the hillside. He promises them for good wages and accommodation. Rasa signs up with the Kangani, hoping he can help financially to his ailing grandmother, eventhough he stays away from Angamma and grandma.




But things are not as good as as what the Kangani promised at tea plantation. The British plantation manager does not care for the workers. Rasa becomes friends with Maragadham (Dhansika) and her little daughter. Rasa coming to know that through his grandma that Angamma is pregnant with his child.


At the same time things get worse in plnatation that all workers daily wages go to their food and lodging and hence Rasa will have to work there for many more months if he wishes to leave the place. Maragadham too has to work for both her time and for her husband's contract. The workers finally realize that they have been made slaves to the British businessmen. Rasa tries to escape but he got hurt with cutting left leg main bone and he failed to escape.




A disease starts killing many workers in the plantation, including one of Rasa's villagers. During a tea party, an English socialite suggests to bring in a doctor to treat the workers. A christian doctor and his english wife from Madras arrived and they spend all their time trying to convert to a christian rather than treating the sick workers.


Finally Rasa's time at the plantation draws to an end. But Maragadham dies because of illness. He then adopts her daughter and awaits his time to leave. However, he is told that he will have to work there for almost ten more years to pay off Maragadham's daughter's biological parents debt. While he is thinking about his fate on top of a hill, he notices a new group of slaves being brought in. Among them, he sees Angamma and their son. He runs after them and in tears, tells them what's really happening. The film ends up with Rasa crying his heart out.