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Volume 3 - Issue 6

June 2013

Astrology - June 2013 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Rishabha Rasi (Taurus)

Sun will be transiting into your 1st house and 2nd house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Mars on your Janma Stham for entire this month would not be good. Jupiter is in its extreme good position to make your life comfortable.


Your health would recover somewhat during this month. But you would regain your sound health back only after 5 weeks. Since Sun and Mars are not in good position, you will be forced to enjoy more spicy food affecting your health. Since Jupiter can protect your health very weel, no need to have any worries with respect your health.


Conflicts with your spouse would come down and you would see improvements gradually. In general your family environment would be supportive for this month. Your good time has already started. But you may experience some problems mostly it denotes it would be good. Since there are some positive changes entering into your life with out your control.


Your work load will get ease during this month since Jupiter is playing major role for you! If you are waiting for immigration benefits, it may happen any time going forward. You will slowly get closer to upper management and start having enough recognition for the work you have done.


You do not have to worry about your finance situation during this month. You will reach an elevated status on your finance. If you have any debts obtained in the past, you would start paying off those loans from this month. You can start considering buying a new home or land.


You will start seeing the positive effects of Jupiter from this month. In order to feel complete happiness on your body, you need to wait couple of weeks. But your good time has already started.




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