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Volume 3 - Issue 3

March 2013

Viswaroopam - Movie Review

Starring: Kamal haasan, Andrea, Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar
Kamal haasan
Kamal haasan, Prasad Vara Potluri
Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Release Date:
Jan 25, 2013


The story begins in New York with Vishwanath (Kamal) who is a Kathak teacher. His wife Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) is not happy with him and falls for her boss. Nirupama hires a private investigator to find out any secrets about Vishwanath so that can support her intention to file divorce against him. She learns that her husband is a muslim through him. Besides the investigator gets killed by Farukh, a terrorist member and his team, that was lead by Omar (Rahul Bose). A business card on his wallet gives an entry path to capture the couples Viswanath and Nirupama.



Viswanath kills Farukh at the warehouse and escapes with Nirupama. Now the story turns into flash back that is between Omar and Viswanath. Viswanath, the real name is Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri, who trained the Al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan border. Omar trusted him since he was announced as a Jihadi in Kashmir by news paper, but he is not aware of the fact that Wisam is active agent in Indian army. During the training in Afganisthan, Wisam gets a chance to see Osama Bin Laden greeting the Al Qaeda chieftains in a cave. He informs to US army with a Geo Location Transmitting device. Omar begins to doubt that there is an informer in the team but could not idenity Wisam immediately and ends up a sequence of events.



Nirupama is stunned by the sequence of incidents happening around his husband. Viswanath(Wisam) mission is to bust the sleeper-cell of Al Qaeda in the US, which is planning to divert the attention through "capsules" capable of emitting mild nuclear radiation tied to pigeons while enabling Abbasi, a Nigerian suicide bomber to detonate the cesium bomb in the city. Wisam and his team could deactive the neclear radition with the support of US police but omar escapes on a flight to another country. Now the film ends with Wisam now go after Omar, alluding to a sequel set in India.



No question that Kamal performance is awesome! It is a must watch movie in theatre. Already watched? Now is the time to expect the next part.