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Volume 3 - Issue 10

October 2013

Raja Rani - Movie Review

Starring: Arya, Jai, Nayan Thara, Sathyaraj, Santhanam, Nazriya Nazim
AR Murugadoss
G V Prakash Kumar
Release Date:
Sep 27, 2013


The movie starts with wedding day of John (Arya) and Regina (Nayan Thara), who both are unwillingly to get married because of past failure in their love life. There is a severe conflicts from the day one of their married life. Regina keeps crying every night where as John drinks and come to apartment every night. John is happy to increase TV volume like anything to irritate her. One night Regina falls from the bed because of excessive stress in turn she suffered with fits. John is admitting her into hospital with humanity. When Regina tells her past love stroy, John falls for her by changing his mind. Now the flash back between Regina and Surya (Jai) begins.




When Regina was a college student, Surya (Jai) and Iyyappan (Sathyan) were the call centre executives for her mobile network. Initial fight between them ends up in love and Regina likes Surya's innocence. Regina's father James (Sathyaraj) is happy in her love marriage. But Surya's afraid of his father to tell his love and goes out of country. Regina could hear only Surya committed suicide in USA. Now the story goes to current timeline.




Now John falls for Regina, Regina did not want to change her mind. John's friend Sarathy (Santhanam) is narrating John's love story to Regina. John falls for Keerthana (Nazriya Nazim) at his first sight. (Likewise many youth falls for Nazriya !!!). Keerthana enjoys the way John falls for him and calling him as brother by making fun out of him. She finally agrees to marry him. John suddenly gets married to Keerthana in a temple with out any notice even to her. Unfortunately the second day of marriage, Keerthana gets killed in an accident.



After hearing the story of John, Regina also falls for John. Now both John and Regina started loving each other but did not confess their love to each other. John thinks that Regina is not ready to accept him and ready to offer divorce. Where as Regina is getting ready to travel to Australia. Whether John and Regina joined in their life or not? Watch it on movie theatre.



The movie has the core subject of "There is a Love (Life) after Love Failure". The director Atlee has done a wonderful job on this film. The performance of Nayan Thara is awesome, and it is a great comeback after a gap of 3 years. With this movie, Nazriya should have increased her fan's count at least 5 times. Arya did his role correctly. Jai and Sathyaraj acted very well. Santhanam and Sathyan added enough strength to comedy track. The combination of Romance and Comedy is perfect on this movie.