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Volume 4 - Issue 2

February 2014

Astrology - February 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Kataga Rasi (Cancer)


Sun will be transiting into your 7th house and 8th house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Rahu and Jupiter are not in good position. Mars moving onto your 4th house can make your life miserable. Since Retrograde Mercury and Venus are also not in good position, you have to be careful and avoid taking any important decision during this month. Overall this month is going to be a very severe testing period.



So far your would have been excellent. But you will keep losing energy as the month progress. There is no surprise if you fall in sick and develop ill health. If you get sick, take medication or check with doctor immediately since the problems will not go away immediately.


Problems on your stomach, join pains, allergies are most likely. You will have low immunity during this month and that can help you catch the diseases from other easily. You need to keep very good diet and meditation to protect your good health.


Family, Love and relationship 

Last month would have been excellent in terms of good relationship with your spouse. But you will see severe setback from the start of the month and it looks terribly bad by end of this month. You have to be very careful on relationship with your spouse. Unnecessary arguments must be avoided and you have to reduce your angryness. In worst cases, you may experience temporary separation by end of this month.


If you are single and looking for suitable match, it would be a terrible time and you need to wait at least until April 25, 2014. Love and romance is looking worse during this month. Lovers may see conflicts and it may even end up in breakups.


Work / Career and Business 

You would have enjoyed a lot at your workplace in the last month. This month is really looking terrible. Things will start moving against you as the month progress and you will be placed under a severe testing period by end of this month. Work pressure and load will shoot up and you may have to stay longer to complete the assigned tasks. People around you will enjoy doing politics against you.


Business people will see sudden debacle during this month. Chances for cancellation on already signed contacts are also possible. Cash inflow is unlikely and you may have to borrow money at higher APR. Your debts level will continue to grow again. No business expansion or partnership is advised during this month.


Immigration / Foreign travel 

Your immigration benefits will get delayed for no reasons. Foreign travel will be postponed to a later date.


Finance and Investments

Financially this month looks terrible! It is too late to do refinance because you should have done it already. Bank loans may not get approved and they will keep asking for more documentations. Expenses will sky rocket and again you will start borrowing money to meet your financial needs.


Stock Market investments will not go in your favor. It is better to stop trading this month since wealth destruction is clearly indicated on the cards. If you have signed any real estate contracts like buying and selling home in the last month, it will be good. But if you try to do any transactions during this month, you will have great disappointments.


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc 

Your social life will start seeing bad luck again. Things will not go in your favor and you will keep losing good opportunities for no reasons. It is a severe testing period for you. You have to keep your health and mind stable to face the problems.


Warnings / Pariharam

This month looks terrible compared to last over two months.

1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food for entire this month.

2. Visit temple on every Thursdays and Saturdays during this month.


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