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Volume 4 - Issue 2

February 2014

Astrology - February 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Midhuna Rasi (Gemini)


Sun will be transiting into your 8th house and 9th house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Saturn and Rahu will continue to be in unfavorable position. Mars moving onto your 5th house can change the kind of problems you are facing. Mars in 5th house and Jupiter losing its energy can reduce the malefic results. When venus moves onto your 8th house by end of this month can bring awesome results. Overall this month is looking much better than last month and you will see favorable by last week of this month.



Your health will be in recovery mode during this month. But your emotional stress would not come down on its own. You need to do prayers and meditation to keep your mind stable. You will have to go through many sleepless night. Avoid drinking liquors as much as possible, if you have the habit of drinking.


If you have any prolonged illness, the intensity will go down for sure during this month. Try to spend more time with your close friends since your mind may get depressed in such a planets combination.


Family, Love and relationship 

Its going to be another testing period for you with respect to the problems with your spouse. Eventhough there are some positive indication with planets changes, it does not favor the smooth realtionship with your spouse. It will increase the intensity and as I mentioned last month, there is no surprise if you get into temporay separation.


If you are in love affairs, you will have to go through more painful incident during this month also. Note that broken relationship is also likely with current planetry positions. If you are single, it is the worst time to look for a match. You may also expect to have problems from your children.


Work / Career and Business 

Your work situation is currently worse but this situation will improve a lot as the month progress. The intensity of the problems will come down especially from Feb 14, 2014. Once you reach Feb 14, there will not be any risk to your Job. However it is not a good time to change your Job if you are not happy. You need to accept the current situation with out any growth.


Business people will see recovery from middle of this month. If there is any pending payments, you may get it. But this period does not favor for business expansion or signing for new contracts and assignments. However the intensity of the problems will go down for sure compared to last month.


Immigration / Foreign travel 

If you are expecting any immigration benefits, it will get delayed further for no reasons. You have to keep waiting for the next couple of months. No growth and progress is indicated on this line.


Finance and Investments 

Your finanial situation will continue to get worse however significant recovery can be seen Feb 14 onwards. By end of this month, you will have some support on your finance. Overall you will reach a bottom on the financial front with in the first two weeks of this month.


There is no suprise if you have borrow money at higher interest rate. If possible, try to manage at least until Feb 14. So that you will have some source to borrow money at lower APR. Any speculative investments you do can know only one direction that is south. So It is better to stop trading. If you want to buy or sell your home, then it is better to wait for couple of months.


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc 

It is going to be another testing period for movie artists, musicians, politicians or VIPs. But significant recovery can be expected from middle of this month. By end of this month, you will have at least some opportunities to take it and move forward.


Warnings / Pariharam 

Since major planets are against you, you have to be careful on anything you do! 

1. Avoid taking non-veg food for entire month

2. Visit temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays or Sundays.

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