Software & Finance - Monthly Magazine Online

Volume 4 - Issue 7

July 2014

Manja Pai Movie Review

Starring: Vimal, Raj Kiran, Lakshmi Menon
N Ragavan
N. Subash Chandrabose, Nanda Kumar
N.R. Raghunathan
Release Date:
Jun 06, 2014


Manja Pai is a Tamil Comedy Movie released in July 2014. Vimal, Raj Kiran and Lakshmi Menon are in the lead roles.



Tamil (Vimal) was grown up in a village with his grand father (Raj Kiran). He has got a chance to work in a IT company in Chennai City and his dream is to work in USA. Kathika (Lakshmi Menon) is a medical college student who lives in the same area. Tamil meets Karthika in a traffic signal and he started falling for her at the first sight.


Tamil is getting a chance to work in USA and he likes to spend his time with his grand father. Once his grand father comes to Chennai, there are couple of sequence of incidents happening most of them are comedy but it also does make us to think about how we lost our social structure and started socializing through facebook.


This movie came up very well with a comedy however some audience may not like the climax even though it might happen in real life, at least, audience does not prefer to see the same on the screen. Good job for the entire team.