Software & Finance - Monthly Magazine Online

Volume 4 - Issue 9

September 2014

Emerging Market Outlook

Emerging Markets is the countries where they have rapid growth and moving towards to achieve the status of developed countries.


Couple of countries that has the emerging market characteristics are,


1. Brazil

2. China

3. India

4. Indonesia

5. Malaysia

6. Mexico

7. Philippines

8. South Africa

9. Thailand

and etc


Since housing market bubble collapsed in the recent years in USA, it did not happen in emerging markets at all. It did happen to Japan during late 1980's. Still western europe and canada are very close to the correction facor.


Japan is leading the world stock market for the last over 30 years. Japan was the number one economy before their housing market collapse.


Currently due to increased market participants and ETFs, the volatility is reaching either side the extreme. As a thumb rule, emerging markets need to follow the route of developed nations and hence correction is inevitable for housing markets in countries like India and China.