Jupiter Transit Horoscope For Kataga Rashi (Cancer) - (June 18, 2014 to July 13, 2015) - Guru Peyarchi Palangal


Guru Bhagawan was in your 12th house so far. Besides Saturn and Rahu was also in your 4th house. The combined effect of ardhastama sani and viraya sthana guru might have made your life miserable. You shoud have suffered a lot with physical problems, problems at your career, finance and family. Right now things are very bad Unfortunately now things will turn into much worse and intolerable with the current Jupiter transit in your Janma Sthanam. Unfortunatley you need to go through one more testing period for another 12 months. You will have severe problems in your health, career, family and finance with severe intensity.


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June 18, 2014 to Sep 03, 2014 Health and Finance Problems (20 / 100)

You need to be very careful since Jupiter is moved on to your 1st house. It will adversely affect your health and you need to take enough nutrition and exercise along with your diet. Besides Saturn is also aspecting the problem might be severe. It is better to take complete medical insurance for you and your family.


Married couples will have serious conflicts and there is no surprise if it ends up in temporary separation. Couples need to build up enough tolerance and patience to run the smooth life with their spouse. Lovers will face many problems and sometimes they may tend to break their relationship. If you are single, the best thing you can do is stay single without looking for any marriage proposal since it can give you excessive amount of mental stress and emotional pain. Any subha karyas you plan will get postponed for no reasons.


Career is already in bad shape. Now there is no surprise if you lose your Job during this time. Try to stick with your Job as much as possible. Since it you lose your Job, then you may get it immediately and you need to wait for couple of months with no progress. Your finance is going to take another big hit. Saturn and Jupiter will help you a lot to create a debt mountain and hence you will go panic. You will not have any money to pay even the interest. And the paying the principal amount would be a big dream for you! Traders and business people will see their worst part of the life. They will see great failures and huge losses in everything you do.


Sep 03, 2014 to Dec 09, 2014 Some Recovery (35 / 100)

Congratulations for graduating from aradhastama sani during this period. But even then you will be placed under pancham sani. Pancham sani is much better than aradhastama sani. But it would give different sets of the problems. You will see some recovery on your health and career. However your problems on your family and finance will get much worse than earlier. It is the time for you to concentrate more on your personal and family issues.


Problems at your workplace will be more. There is no surprise even if you go out of your Job. You need to be very careful on this period also. You will see some recovery on your health but you will get ton of emotional stress and depression during this period. Overall nothing looks good during this period also. The only thing is your intensity of the problems will come down but will not go away.


Dec 09, 2014 to April 09, 2015 Slow Growth (50 / 100)

You will see significant recover on your health. If you have lost your Job, you may find it another one during this time. But keep your expectations very low. Financially you will recover somewhat. At least you will have money to make monthly payments on your loan. But you need to stay away from investing in stock market and other speculative areas. Since speculation can yield huge losses to you during this time.


While your health and career is reasonably looking good during this time, your family problems will shoot up. Problems and painful incidents in your close relationship is most likely. Singles need to be very careful since they may get disappointed with love failures. It is better to stay away from any love affairs. Both Saturn and Jupiter do not like you having any relationships or affairs during this period


April 09, 2015 to July 14, 2015 All around problems (15 / 100)

Saturn and Jupiter will team up together and will give you more bitter pills. Let it be anything you do, you will see only failures during this period. You need to take care of your health, family and finance. Somehow you will manage to stick to you a Job. But your focus will be only on your family and finance.


All kataga rasi people need to wait for at least until next Jupiter transit by July 14, 2015 to receive great relief. Until then tolerance and prayers are the only medicine. If you have strong natal chart support, it can help a lot.


Warnings / Pariharam

Unfortunately nothing looks good with the current Jupiter transit.


1. Avoid taking Non-Veg food on Saturdays and Thursdays.

2. Visit Kuchanur in Theni District and / or Thirunallaru.

3. Help older people and students

4. Visit temples on each and every Thursdays and Saturdays.

5. Do charity as much as you can.

6. Meditation and Prayers as much as possible.


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