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Guru Peyarchi Palangal For Midhuna Rashi (Gemini) - (May 30, 2013 to June 19, 2014) - Jupiter Transit Horoscope

For your rasi, Guru was in Viraya Sthanam so far. It should have put your life miserable state along with many expenses. The only good thing was expenses made have been for your happiness and enjoyments including vacations, travels, etc. But along with Saturn in 5th house, you might be facing a very hard time in your family situation so far in the recent past. So it is clear that things are now bad for you! Now Jupiter moving on to your Janma Sthanam will make your situation from bad to worst. It is not a happy news for you but it is true.



Guru in 1st house would be aspecting your 5th, 7th and 9th house. You will have major setback on your health and finance affecting your work and family life.



Right now you have enough pressure and mental stress provided by Saturn for the last one year. Since Jupiter moved on to your Janma Sthanam will affect your physical body. Now you have to take bitter pills from both Jupiter and Saturn simultaneously. Your cholesterol level will shoot up and reach elevated high level will force you take medications. You may also have dizziness and hence you need to take enough vitamins and other nutrition. Besides you need to do regular exercise to maintain your body under your control.



This is not the time for you to look for a match, if you are single. If you do, separation and serious conflicts in love affairs would occur. So it is safe to stay away from love affairs since 5th house Saturn and 1st Jupiter is the one of the worst combination for love affairs. If you are married, no doubt that you will have problems with your spouse. If your spouse is receiving benefic Jupiter aspect, then you can relax and your problems focus will switch into other areas such as your health, career and finance. Besides you will have problems with other close family members and any suba karyas planned will get postponed beyond your control.



Your work life will also have major problems. Especially if you are designated higher (like vice president, director or senior managers, etc), then you have step down at no fault of yours. However if you are working as individual contributor and not managing any people, you will have problems but you can keep your Job safe with your hard work. Any name and fame you earned in the past years will start vanish during this transit. Your health will not cooperate to do your duties mainly. You have to take couple of trips / travel, which end up in yielding nothing. Your immigration benefits will get delayed during this transit. You may not get a visa to travel abroad.



Wealth destruction is clearly indicated on the cards and so you have to be very careful. Often many times, you will have to pay from your pocket for the fault of others. Especially if you are assuring another person loan, it will become your responsibility for sure. Avoid signing contracts for others and do not get into any legal issues. Besides you will have enough medical expenses and so medical insurance is mandatory for you this year! Interested in trading in stock market? Just wait for 18 months because it can reduce your financial problems. Any investments you do will give you negative yield.



The people involved in business will have worst turn over during this period. Stay protective and reduce the expenses. Also avoid expanding any joint ventures / partnership and business expansion. Students need to put lot of efforts to get pass marks on their exams. Politicians and Movie stars will have hard time in keeping their name and fame in the society.



Here is the breakup of the timeline based on Jupiter transit on different star and motions.


May 30, 2013 to Jun 28, 2013 - Mixed Results (55 / 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Mrigasheersham Star in forward motion during this period. You may see very much mixed results during this time. It is a time for you to get prepare for the upcoming worst situation.



Jun 28, 2013 to Aug 31, 2013 and Mar 06, 2014 to April 24, 2014 - Severe Testing Period (40/ 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Thiruvathirai Star in forward motion during this period. Any thing you do would not be favorable to you. The problems with your spouse and other family members will go much deeper during this period. Do not plan any suba karya's during this period. The problems at you work environment will shoot up during this period.



Aug 31, 2013 to Nov 07, 2013 and April 24, 2014 to Jun 19, 2014 - Health and Family Problems (30 / 100)

Jupiter would be traversing in Punarpoosam Star will show you the bottom during this period. Your problems with your spouse will shoot up and temporary separation is also indicated. Better to be calm and avoid arguments since the time is not favorable for you during this time. Your health will also get affected. Somehow you will manage to Keep your job is the only good thing!



Nov 07, 2013 to March 06, 2014 - Good Recovery (65 / 100)

Jupiter is getting into backward motion during this period. Jupiter would be in punarpoosam star until Jan 17 and Thiruvathirai star until March 06, 2014. This time period would be the reasonable for you and best part of this Guru Peyarchi. You will not go up but at least you will not have any new problems during this period. But the existing problems will continue to put you under stress.



Overall this Guru Peyarchi is going to be a severe testing period for you! Be brave enough to face the obstacles and you will have excellent time only from June 2014.





1. Avoid taking non-vegetarian food at least on Thursdays and Saturdays

2. Keep praying Guru Dakshinamoorthy, Saneeswaran and Rahu Bhagawan.

3. Help people who are in the need. Does not have to be in the form money. You can talk with them and give your advice to others, if you can.

4. Do prayers and meditation.



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