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Jupiter Transit Rashifal - (May 30, 2013 to Jun 19, 2014) Horoscope

Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter Transit) is happening on Wednesday May 30, 2013 at 8:32:07 PM IST as per Krishamurti Panchangam. Guru Peyarchi is happening on Thursday May 31, 2013 at 6:46:34 am IST as per Lahiri Panchangam.


There would always be little time difference between various panchangam like Thiru Kanidha Panchangam, Lahiri Panchangam, Vakya Panchangam.


Jupiter is entering from Rishabha (Taurus) Rasi to Midhuna (Gemini) Rasi.


Saturn Transits during Jupiter in Midhuna Rashi is given below:

Saturn (Rx) continues in Thula Rasi on May 30, 2013
Saturn (Rx) goes direct in Thula Rasi on Jul 08, 2013

Saturn goes Retrograde in Thula Rasi on March 02, 2014

Saturn (Rx) continues in Thula Rasi on Jun 19, 2014


How Jupiter transits in Midhuna Rasi in different stars is given below:


May 30, 2013 to Jun 28, 2013 Jupiter in Mrigasheersham Star

Jun 28, 2013 to Aug 31, 2013 Jupiter in Thiruvathirai Star

Aug 31, 2013 to Nov 07, 2013 Jupiter in Punarpoosam Star

Nov 7, 2013 to Jan 17, 2014 Jupiter Rx in Punarpoosam Star

Jan 17, 2014 to Mar 06, 2014 Jupiter Rx in Thiruvathirai Star

Mar 06, 2014 to April 24, 2014 Jupiter in Thiruvathirai Star

April 24, 2014 to Jun 19, 2014 Jupiter in Punarpoosam Star


Jupiter is going Retrograde on Nov 07, 2013 and then going direct on Mar 06, 2014. This guru peyrachi will be excellent time for the following 5 rasis:

1. Kumbham (Aquarius)

2. Dhanushu (Sagittarius)

3. Thulam (Libra)

4. Rishabam (Taurus)

5. Simham (Leo).



This guru peyarchi would be very bad the following rasis:


1. Makaram (Capricorn)

2. Virchigam (Scorpio)

3. Midhunam (Gemini)

4. Mesham (Aries)

5. Kanni (Virgo)


Meenam (Pisces) and Katagam (Cancer) will have mixed results during this transit.


Jupiter transit is considered as very important in astrology since major events do happen only when ruling planets are favorable. Jupiter is completely a subha graha and Jupiter strength is very important to achieve success in life especially in marriage, birth of a new child, change in Job, buying new home, success in education or career, foreign travel, etc.


Kumba rasi people is the most fortunate people with this transit. Finally their good time have started after a gap of 7 years. Dhanushu rasi people might have had sudden collapse in the recent past and that will get corrected with this transit. Thula rasi people will have big break but they have to understand that still they are under Janma Sani. Even then thula rasi will enjoy the benefic effect of the Jupiter transit. Simham and Rishabam will have very good time.


Even though you are running weak maha dasa and bukthi period, if Jupiter is favorable, it will minimize the malefic impacts during its transit and try to do good things on your life. If Jupiter is not good position, it is better to stay away from speculative investments and making any hasty decisions. Especially for makara and viruchiga rasis, it is going to be very hectic time for the next 12 months. They have to be more careful since they just crossed a benefic Jupiter aspect in the last one year. Midhunam and Mesham are already in bad shape somewhat and they will continue to have more problems. Kanni rasi people does not have to get afraid as they will face problems only in the Job front other than that things would be smooth.


Overall this is time for Dhanushu, Rishabam and Simha Rasi people since all major planets Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu are favorable for the next one year. Now click on the following link to access how Guru Peyarchi will impact you in the coming year from May 30 2013 - Jun 19, 2014.

Click on the following link to access how this Guru Peyarchi will impact you in the coming year from May 2013 - June 2014.

Mesham (Aries) Rishabham (Taurus) Midhunam (Gemini) Katagam (Cancer)
Simham (Leo) Kanni (Virgo) Thulam (Libra) Vrichigam (Scorpio)
Dhanush (Sagittarius) Makaram (Capricorn) Kumbam (Aquarius) Meenam (Pisces)