Gochara (Transit of) Planets and Its effects

Gochara means transit of planets. In Tamil, we can say "Kolgalai Sarndha" palagal.


The planets on the sky where it is transiting on currently - meaning which sign and which star, is noted down. With respect to you moon sign, all these planets will have great influence on each and every human being's life. This can be predicted by astrologers and published in most popular magazine on the column called "Rasi Palangal".


These Gochara Palangal are general horoscope only. Assuming that there are around 700 crores people on this planet earth, about 58 crores are falling under one moon sign.


The surprising questions is, if time is not good for one moon sign, it means it is applicable for 58 crores people and all them will receive same planetry energy as per Gochara Rule.


It is much hard to belive but it is true. The difference comes up with natal chart, that means the planets positions at the time of birth.


Spritually if you reach of core part of your mind, you will see the god. Once you reach there, there are no others. Eventhough 700 crores of people living on earch, the origin of all the people of same.