Planet - Jupiter / Guru

Jupiter is the first largest planet and is the 5th planet out from the Sun in the solar system. It is the 4th brightest planet in the sky after Sun, Moon and Venus. Its volume is about 1321 times of earth. Jupiter has a mass that is over 317 times the mass of Earth.


Jupiter rules the signs Sagittarius (Dhanushu) and Pisces (Meenam). It is exalted in Cancer(Katagam) sign and debilitated in Capricorn(Makaram) Sign.


Jupiter is called Guru, Deva Guru, Bruhaspathi, Guru Bhagavan, Viyalan, priest in astrology. Jupiter is a slow moving planet and it takes about 12 years to complete one cycle around the earth and it takes nearly one year to traverse one zodiac sign.


Jupiter vehicle(vahanam) is elephant, bird is Swan (Hamsa / Annam). Jupiter is expansive in nature, growth and good fortune. Jupiter is called puthira karakan (children) and dhana karakan (wealth). Jupiter represents husband in a girl horoscope besides 7th house. It represents higher studies, spirituality, priests, professors, temples, research and development, lawyer, judges.


Gem Stone: Yellow Sapphire

Number: 3

Metal: Gold

Direction: North East

Color: Yellow

Element: Space

Body: liver, brain, fat

Karaka: Wealth, Children, Husband (in girl's chart)

Diety: Lord Brahama or Dakshinamurthy




Guru Sthalam is Alangudi Temple in Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu. It is around 17 km south of Kumbakonam. You can also visit Thirukkachi Varadharaja Temple in Tamil Nadu.