Planet - Moon / Chandiran


Moon is the second brightest planet in the sky after sun and it is rotating around the earth. It takes about 28 / 29 days to complete one cycle around the earth. Moon is the queen in astrology.


Moon represents mother, maternal side relation, domestic comforts, milk, sea, hotel, restaurants, textiles, apparels. Moon represents mind, mental strength, liquid, etc. Moon denotes the state of mind and it is given sigificant importance in vedic astrology. All other planets exhibits their energy through moon.


Moon rules the sign Cancer (Katagam). It is exalted in Taurus (Rishabam) sign and debilitated in Scorpio (Viruchigam) Sign.


Gem Stone: Pearl

Number: 2

Metal: Silver

Direction: North East

Color: White

Element: Water

Body: Mind, Emotion

Karaka: Mother

Diety: Goddess Parvathy






Thingaloor temple located about 8 KMs from Tiruvaiyaru near Thanjavur district is a famous sthalam for Chandiran.