Planet - Sun / Suriyan

Sun is the core and center planet in the solar system. It is the first brightest planet in the sky. Sun is the king in astrology. It represents father, soul, kind, government official, politician, etc.


Sun rules the government sector and raja sambhantha karyas. Any thing related to the goverment requires the support of the planet Sun. His son is Saturn and saturn is the first enemy for Sun.


Sun rules the sign Leo (Simham). It is exalted in Aries (Mesham) sign and debilitated in Libra(Thulam) Sign. It is a malefic planet by nature.


Gem Stone: Ruby

Number: 1

Metal: Gold

Direction: East

Color: Red

Element: Fire

Body: Soul, Heart

Karaka: Father

Diety: Lord Shiva






Suriyanar temple in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu is a famous Suriya Sthalam.