When to check and stop seeing astrology?

Astrology is a great system to know your future. However is it going to help everyone in this planet? May not be true. Astrology can be used effectively as long as it is used to relive your mental stress. At the same time, if you are inviting stress by seeing the astrology, then it is the best time to stop seeing astrology. By knowing astrology and knowing your future, you are not going to change anything.


When to check for your horoscope reading?


1. If you are stressed out a lot and if you experience a sequence of failures in your life, then you have to check your natal chart to see what's going in the chart.


2. If you are going to get married, it is worth checking whether you have doshams in your chart and when is the good time to get married.


3. If you are prolonged health issues, delays marriage or having child, delays in getting job, you can consider seeing astrology.


4. If you are making very big investments, like buying a new property for million dollar or changing your high profile Job, astrology is mandatory to avoid any serious consequences.


5. VIPs, like movie stars, politicians, traders and business people need to keep an eye on their natal chart.


When to stop seeing astrology?


1. If you are in love with someone, you want to get married, then never look for astrology reading.


2. When you got some basic knowledge of astrology, you might tend to know more and more about your upcoming events and effects of dasa and bukthi in your life. When dasa are not good, you feel depressed in advance eventhough the dasa period will start after 5 or 8 years. So you have invited mental stress by seeing astrology. It is the perfect time to stop looking into astrological horoscope.


3. If you are taking risks which are completely under your control, then you do not need to see astrology.


4. People are fond of checking astrology especially when they have a planned C section. Note that you can only avoid certains stars, but the time of day is much more important that the star position. The lagna (ascendant) and divisional chart creates the dosham and yogam on one horoscope. Whatever is on your fate, you will get it. There is no way you can avoid both good or bad things by looking into astrology. It is already prewritten.