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Volume 4 - Issue 10

October 2014

Astrology - October 2014 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Meena Rasi (Pisces)



Sun will be transiting into your 7th house and 8th house indicating unfavorable position for entire this month. Jupiter is in its excellent position to support your growth. By looking at Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Mars, this month will give mixed results. The good news is you are coming out of Asthama Sani. You are still on the road to recovery, the amount of positive energies keep moving up and negative energies keep moving down. But this positive effects can be felt only from next month onwards for you because of unfavorable array of inner planets.



Your health will affected adversely and you will also see quick recovery with the strength of Jupiter. But mental pressure and tension will continue for entire this month. Even though Saturn is leaving your Asthama Sthanam, you need to take some more bitter pills in this month also. Avoid unnecessary travel if you can and take enough rest. Avoid eating food outside. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks since it can create more problems for you. Be careful with your friends especially from the opposite sex and try to control your emotions. Keep good diet and exercise to maintain your good health. Do prayers and meditation to gain positive energies from the planets.


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October 2014 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Meena Rasi by KT Astrologer


Family, Love and relationship

You will have to take hectic pressure from your family environment. You will develop serious fight with your family members. However things will be under your control with the strength of Jupiter. You need to be very careful with the people from the opposite side sex and problems are most likely through that source. Keep enough tolerance and patience for entire this month to avoid relationship damages.


You will have very much disturbed sleep for couple of nights. Lovers will find very bad time on their romance. Chances are breaking up the relationship is also indicated for some people. If you were alreasy separated from your spouse, then wait until saturn transit takes place that is until Nov 02, 2014. If you are single, it is good time to look for a match. But finalize your suitable match only after Saturn transit takes place.



Students will start making good progress in this month. You will realize the mistake in the past and focus more on your studies. It is an excellent time for you to catch up on your education level. Still be careful with your friends from the opposite sex.


Work / Career and Business 

Your work pressure and tension will go down with the strength of Jupiter. But Sun will create more obstacles and it would be temporary. In general, your time is looking good but you will have severe setback for couple of days during this month. If you are looking for a new Job, you may get it after a struggle. But make sure you join after Saturn transit on Nov 02, 2014.


Business people will see mixed results since I could see both benefic and malefic energies are high on the sky. You will have severe problems at your business and you will also get enough support to come out of the problems. There might be some delay in collecting your dues because Mercury is not in good position. But you will get it after couple of follow up phone calls and emails. If you are considering to expand your business, then you can do it after Saturn transit since it is a safe bet.


Immigration / Foreign travel 

If you apply for a visa, it will get approved immediately with the strength of Jupiter. You will make excellent progress on immigration benefits during this month.


Finance and Investments

You will see mixed results on your finance. You will get cash inflow and at the same time expenses will also shoot up. The expenses will come through unwanted travel and medical expenses. You will not accumulate any new debts but it will drain out your savings. You need to wait until Saturn transit to see consistent recovery on your finance.


It is safe to avoid trading into stock market since planets are indicating mixed results. You will gain only if you have natal chart support. Otherwise it is better to wait until Saturn moves onto next sign on Nov 02, 2014. If you trade options or futures, you will see losses in this month also.


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc

Things are looking great for movie artists, musicians, politicians or VIPs. You will get excellent opportunities to prove yourself. You will also regain your name and fame in the industry. But be careful while moving with the people from the opposite sex.


Warnings / Pariharam

This month is looking good and you will make very good progress in your career and social circle. But you will face some problems on your family and finance.


1. Avoid taking non-veg food for entire this month to feel more positive energies.

2. Visit temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


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