July 2015 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Makara Rasi (Capricorn)

July 2015 Monthly Horoscope written by KT Astrologer

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July 2015 Monthly Horoscope for Makara Rasi Capricorn Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Capricorn (Makara)


Sun will be transiting into your 6th and 7th house indicating favorable position only in the first half of this month. Guru Bhagawan moving onto your Asthama Sthanam is going to be a bad news for you. But you are fully protected with the benefic Saturn gaining positive energies while Jupiter is going negative for you. Mars, Venus and Ketu are also in very good position to support your growth. I do not see you will have any bad results in this month because of Jupiter moving onto your 8th house. Transit planets are in very good position to fight against Jupiter to deliver the positive results.



You will continue to enjoy sound health with the strength of Mars and Venus. You will be very active and energetic. You will also start focusing more on doing exercise and outdoor sports activities to maintain your good health.


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July 2015 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Makara Rasi Capricorn Moon Sign by KT Astrologer


Your cholesterol and sugar levels will come down to normal. Keep enough prayers and meditation to feel more positive energies and see great success on your life. There might be some emotional pain and mental stress for couple of days because of Jupiter on your 8th house. But the effects of Jupiter would be very minimal in this month and nothing to be feared.


Family, Love and relationship 

You will be very happy on your relationship with your spouse and other close family members. It is an excellent time for having conjugal bliss with your spouse. Eligible married couples will get blessed with a baby now. Your family will regain name and fame in your social circle. Many subha karyas happening in your family will make you feel happier. If you are single or divorced, or looking for a new relationship, you will find your match before July 12 or need to wait for another 2-3 months.



You can enjoy all these benefits until July 12, 2015. After that you will developing arguments and conflicts with your spouse. But it would be short lived and gets corrected by end of this month. Once Saturn moves forward from next month onwards, you will resume upward journey on your life. Jupiter on your 8th house will not cause any problems for the next couple of months.


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God Bless You!


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