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Volume 5 - Issue 3 Software & Finance Monthly Magazine

March 2015

Astrology - March 2015 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Rishabha Rasi (Taurus)



Sun will be transiting into your 10th house and 11th house indicating favorable position for entire this month. Saturn going retrograde will not have any effects on you. Mars moving onto your 12th house on March 23 will make your things worse. Besides Jupiter going direction station on early next month, will have adverse effect on your from March 15 itself. The start of this month is looking reasonably good. But you will be placed under sever testing period towards end of this month.



You will continue to recover your health until March 15. But your recovery will be very temporary. Your health will get affected badly from last week of this month. Jupiter on your 3rd house will not show any mercy towards you from next month onwards. You need to regain your energy level as much as possible in the first two weeks, since the upcoming months are looking bad for you! Take enough medical insurance and do a medical checkup to know your number ahead of your bad time. Do not ignore any warning signs from end of this month onwards. Click here to get your hourly health horoscope.


Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking. Watch out your friends since you are likely develop wrong friend circle. Avoid travelling from 3rd week of this month since it can yield unfavorable results. Keep enough prayers and meditation to develop positive energies.


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March 2015 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Rishaba Rasi (Taurus Moon Sign) by KT Astrologer


Family, Love and relationship 

You would be somewhat happy about your relationship with your spouse and other close family members in the begining of this month. Unfortunately the relief will be very much short lived and you will develop severe conflicts with your spouse from March 24, 2015 onwards. There will be lack of conjugal bliss with your spouse. Since Jupiter is getting very powerful against you, you need to be very careful on your relationship. If you are not careful, this aspect can lead to tempoary separation by end of next month. Click here to get your hourly Family horoscope.


Lovers will have some more good time until 2nd of week of March 2015. Then problems will creep up and start seeing worst results frmo end of this month. Make sure to develop enough patience and tolerance to save your relationship. If you are single, it is a perfect worst time to look for a match. Any planned subha karyas might have to be postponed beyond your control. Click here to get your hourly love / romance horoscope.



Students will start losing interest on their studies as the month progress. You need to work very hard to get good credits on your examinations. Things will get worse for you from 3rd week of March 2015 onwards. Watch out your friend circle since you are likely to get addicted to drinks and smoking. Stay away from people from opposite sex since emotional disturbances are clearly indicated affecting your studies.


Work / Career and Business 

You will continue to enjoy the good moments at your workplace until March 24, 2015. But things will start moving against you very quickly by end of this month. You will feel very bad about the decision you have made in the recent past on your work. Jupiter will show its negative side from end of this month onwards. Things will get crazy and you will be very much disappointed at your workplace. Click here to get your hourly work / career horoscope.


If you are due for promotion, it will get cancelled and you will not get any expected salary hike. You will be tempted to change your job. But things are not in your favor and tolerance is the only medicine from end of this month onwards.


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God Bless You!


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