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Volume 5 - Issue 5 Software & Finance Monthly Magazine

May 2015

Astrology - May 2015 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Dhanushu Rasi (Sagittarius)



Sun will be transiting into your 5th house and 6th house indicating favorable position in the second half of this month. Sani Bhagawan getting Vakra Kadhi will not make any difference for you. Mars on your 6th house is really good for you! But Venus moved onto your 7th house in this month, will make things much worse. Guru Bhagawan on your 8th house will continue to create emotional stress and painful incidents for you! Unfortunately this month is going to another painful month for you.



You will continue to go down on your emotional level. However your physical body with get enough strength because of Mars on your runa roga sathru sthanam along with Sun. There will not be any words for you to express your mental stress and pain through relationship. However it is a part of the life and you will see the bottom towards end of this month. You will have some support from the ruling planets starting next month.


If you experience any psychological or neurological problems, then check with your doctor immediately. With such a worst combination on the planets, there is no surprise if you get into any anxiety disorder or panic stroke. Besides you may develop problems with your internal reproductive organs. Keep good friends with you always for entire this month. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, gambling and smoking since it make your situation much worse.


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May 2015 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Dhanushu Rasi Sagittarius Moon Sign by KT Astrologer



Family, Love and relationship 

Not much change from the previous month for you! So it is going to be another worst month in a row! You will see a bottom around April 15, 2015 on your relationship. This period is capable of creating temporary to long term separation depends on your birth chart. If you are running weak Maha Dasa, you are likely face to legal issues, litigation, maintenance or divorce cases in this hard time. You will get cheated by even with your most trusted and loved ones.


Things will continue to move against you for entire this month. Do not get into panic mode, you will have some recovery from next month onwards. If you are already engaged but not married, you need to be very careful since things may not materialize into marriage. If you are single, you are safe as long as you do not look for a match.


It is going to a worst time for the lovers. You will have severe conflicts and arguments with your mate and that can take you to an extreme of having litigation or permanent separation. Pain in love is highly indicated on the cards. You will also start losing your hard earned name and fame in your family circle.



Students will face their love proposals rejected and lose their interest on studies. So stay away any friends form your opposite sex. Things will get crazy and you will get lost yourself. Avoid drinking and smoking and keep good friends and family members around you!


Work / Career and Business 

Office politics will get worse and hidden enemies will enjoy doing politics against you! Hence Job loss is highly indicated for most of you in this month. Things will get crazy and there is no surprise if you have been asked to go back to your homeland, if you are working in a foreign country. You need to look for your survival rather than looking for growth at your workplace.

If you are unemployed, you are unlikely to get a job in the next couple of months. Do not give up and keep trying. You will not have any luck but your hard work will make you shine very well once Jupiter moves forward into next sign.


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God Bless You!