October 2015 Monthly Horoscope (Rasi Palan) for Mesha Rasi (Aries)

October 2015 Monthly Horoscope written by KT Astrologer

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October 2015 Monthly Horoscope for Mesha Rasi Aries Moon Sign written by KT Astrologer

Aries (Mesha)


Sun will be transiting into your 6th house and 7th house indicating favorable position in the first half this month. Both Jupiter and Venus making conjunction on your Poorva Punya Sthanam can provide you very good results. The malefic effects of Mars on your 5th house and Saturn on your 8th house, will get controlled with the strength of Jupiter and Venus. You will make very good progress in this month. However tensions related to work and family environment cannot be avoided and can happen for couple of days during this month.



Your health condition will improve a lot with the strength of Jupiter, Venus and Rahu. You may have mental stress that can give you couple of sleepless night because of Saturn and Mars placement. You will keep gaining positive energies as this month progress. You will be very active and energetic, will regain your sound health back by end of this month. Your cholesterol and sugar levels will come down to normal.


Saturn on your 8th house is capable of making you getting addicted to gambling, drinking or other bad habits. You need to stay away from these bad habits, since it will make your situation much worse by affecting your health.


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October 2015 Monthly Rasi Palan Astrology Horoscope For Mesha Rasi Aries Moon Sign by KT Astrologer




Family, Love and relationship

This month is looking very good with respect to your family environment. The problems with your spouse will come down. You will develop good relationship with your spouse and other close family members. It is a good time for conjugal bliss with your spouse. Eligible married couples will get blessed with a baby in this month.


If you are single, you can start looking for a match now. Since next month is also looking great, you need to utilize this good time period to get engaged and married. Lovers will resolve their conflicts and find good time on romance.


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God Bless You!

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