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2015 New Year Horoscope


2015 Varsh(New Year) Hindi Rashifal - Vedic Astrology


This year 2015 is begining on the star of Karthigai Star in Mesha Rasi. Saturn is on the 8th house indicates that it is going to be a challenging year for the world in general. Saturn is receiving benefic aspect from Jupiter is looking good. The 2015 New Year event is given below:



New Year 2015 Horoscope by KT Astrologer


Important Dates:

Rahu in Hastham Star in Kanya Rasi: Jan 01, 2015 - Jul 26, 2015

Rahu in Uthiram Star in Kanya Rasi: Jul 26, 2015 - Dec 31, 2015 

Ketu in Ravathi Star in Meena Rasi: Jan 01, 2015 - Mar 22, 2015

Ketu in Uthirattadhi Star in Meena Rasi: Mar 22, 2015 - Nov 29, 2015

Ketu in Pooratadhi Star in Meena Rasi: Nov 29, 2015 - Dec 31, 2015


Jupiter Rx in Ayilyam Star in Kataga Rasi: Jan 01, 2015 to April 09, 2015

Jupiter in Ayilyam Star in Kataga Rasi: April 09, 2015 to July 14, 2015

Jupiter in Makam Star in Simha Rasi: July 14, 2015 to Sep 14, 2015

Jupiter in Pooram Star in Simha Rasi: Sep 14, 2015 to Nov 28, 2015

Jupiter in Uthiram Star in Simha Rasi: Nov 28, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015


Saturn in Anusam Star: Jan 01, 2015 to Mar 14, 2015

Saturn Rx in Anusam Star: Mar 14, 2015 to Aug 03, 2015

Saturn in Anusam Star: Aug 03, 2015 to Dec 27, 2015


Venus is going retrograde between July 25, 2015 and Sep 07, 2015. But Mars is keeping its forward motion for entire this year.


Jupiter is in exalted position on Kataga Rasi until July 14, 2015 and then move onto Simha Rasi to stay rest of the year. Saturn will continue to stay in Viruchiga Rasi for entire this year. Rahu will stay in Kanni Rasi and Ketu will stay Meena Rasi for entire this year. The major planets Saturn, Rahu and Ketu does not have any transit during 2015. Only Jupiter is making transit in July 2015, is considered as major event in 2015. The effects of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will be felt with higher intensity for everyone.


The entire year of 2015 is looking excellent for the following 3 rasis and they will enjoy most of the fortunes. Even though Jupiter is going against for following rasis from July 2015, they are least likely to get affected:

Midhnua Rasi - Gemini Moon Sign

Kanni Rasi - Virgo Moon Sign

Makara Rasi - Capricorn Moon Sign


The first half of 2015 is looking good following by testing period for the following rasis:

Meena Rasi - Pisces Moon Sign

Viruchia Rasi - Scorpio Moon Sign


The first half of 2015 is looking bad followed by great fortunes for the following rasis:

Mesha Rasi - Aries Moon Sign

Kataga Rasi - Cancer Moon Sign

Thula Rasi - Libra Moon Sign

Dhanushu Rasi - Sagittarius Moon Sign

Kumba Rasi - Aquarius Moon Sign


The whole 2015 is looking bad for the following rasis:

Rishaba Rasi - Taurus Moon Sign

Simha Rasi - Leo Moon Sign


God Bless You!

KT Astrologer




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