Rahu and Ketu Transit Horoscope For Makara Rasi (Capricorn) - Jul 14, 2014 to Jan 31, 2016

Written by KT Astrologer

Currently Rahu is moving onto your 9th house of Kanni Rasi and Ketu onto your 3rd house of Meena Rasi. Rahu is in problematic position but Ketu is in excellent position to offset the results of Rahu and provide you significant growth. To make things awesome Jupiter is also in its excellent position. Since you are also going to have Labha Sthana Sani, you will have Raaja Yoga during this transit. Overall this Rahu and Ketu is looking excellent and you will see many good life time events happening during this period. However you will have severe setback on this transit from July 2015 to Jan 2016.


Jul 14, 2014 - Nov 17, 2014 Raaja Yogam (90 / 100)

This is the time Rahu is transiting in the star of Chithirai and Ketu is in the star of Revathi. You are going to have best period in your life after a gap of about 9 years. Many good life time events are due during this period. Whatever you wish will come true. Make sure you utilize the raaja yogam correctly. Otherwise you will suffer a lot once raaja yogam ends.


You will have sound health during this period. Any major complicated health problems will disappear like miracle. Your family environment is looking excellent. You will have very good relationship with your spouse and enjoy conjugal bliss during this time. You will also be looking very good to attract opposite sex. If you are single, it is a great time to get engaged and get married. Lovers will find excellent time on their romance. Young couples will get blessed with a baby.


Your growth will skyrocket on your career. Promotions and salary hikes are highly indicated on the cards. You are non stoppable on your growth. You will get name and fame in the society. Financially your time is looking excellent. You will book excellent profits in stock market trading. Speculative options trading is also looking good but make sure your natal chart supports. Besides some people will be very lucky and they can even win in lottery. However do not count on it. It happens to the people with strong natal chart. It is als an excellent time to buy a home or invest in any other real estate properties.



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Nov 17, 2014 - Mar 22, 2015 Minor Setback (75 / 100)

This is the time Rahu is transiting in the star of Hastham and Ketu is in the star of Revathi. You will continue to shine well during this period also, but on a slow pace. It is a time for you think and relax. You would have enjoyed a very smooth ride for the last over 4 months. Financially you will continue to move up and it is a good time to shop around for your dream home.


Your health may get affected but it would be very minor. You will also have some delays and you may not be able to complete your goals in time. Your time is looking excellent even during this time but your growth rate will be slow.


Mar 22, 2015 - Jul 26, 2015 Raaja Yogam continues (95 / 100)

This is the time Rahu is transiting in the star of Hastham and Ketu is in the star of Uthirattadhi. This is going to another excellent time for you to see great success in everything you do. You will reach elevated level on your life style during this period. Some people will become very popular in the society and achieve VIP status. It ia great time for people in the media industry and politicians since they will achieve good name and fame in the society.


There is no question of unemployment for you now. If any one of you says Yes, then you must check your horoscope with your local astrologer. Promotions, Stock Options and Salary hike are highly indicated on the cards. Speculative investments yield huge profits. Your sound health will make you enjoy all the luxaries in your life. You will enjoy conjugal bliss with your spouse. Yound couples will get blessed with a baby. Singles will find their soul mate during this time. Many subha karyas will keep happening for you. All of your life time dreams will come true during this period.


Jul 26, 2015 - Jan 31, 2016 Sudden Debacle (50 / 100)

This is the time Rahu is transiting in the star of Uthiram and Ketu is in the star of Uthirattadhi and Pooratadhi. This is going to be very severe testing period for you. Since you have enjoyed excellent time for the last over 11 months, it would be psychologically very hard for you to accept the set back. Your emotional stress would shoot up and you will also have unwanted fear occupying your mind. You will start having conflicts and arguments with your spouse. Disappointments with your spouse is clearly indicated on the cards. Temporary separation for the couples can not be ruled out during this period. Since Saturn and Ketu are supportive, there will not be any damages to breaking up relationships. But it is a clear warning signal for you to be careful.


Let it anything you do, it does require your natal chart support. If you are single, you may get married only if your natal chart supports. Other it is worth avoiding this periods since emotional pain is indicated on the cards. I do not see any sufferings with respect to your finance and assets since both Saturn and Ketu keep supporting your finance to a great extent. Mainly you have to take care of your health and family relationship issues.


Overall the first half of Rahu and Ketu Transit will bless you with Raaja Yogam and there will be some setback from July 2015.

Warnings / Pariharam

1. No Major pariharam is necessary since major planets are in good positions.

2. Visit Rahu Sthalam Kalahasthi near Tirupati in AP state, if you can.


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