Aug 21, 2018 Daily Horoscope for Gemini by KT Astrologer

Tue Aug 21, 2018

Mumbai, India Time Zone: GMT +5.50

Moon positioned at Moola Star 2 padha in Dhanushu Rasi at time of Sun Rise 06:23 AM





Your energy levels will be high; it is a good day to play games; sports.

60 [44 - 91]

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You will see good happiness on your family environment.

66 [52 - 88]

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It is a good time to go out and have fun; romance is indicated on the cards.

79 [70 - 89]

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You will make good progress and you will also get enough appreciation from your manager.

62 [45 - 94]

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It is Good day to travel since it can yield fruitful results.

66 [51 - 89]

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It is a good day to apply for credit card or bank loans. You will get good interest rate or other promotional offers!

63 [48 - 88]

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You can move forward with stock investments. If you are running unfavorable maha dasa; it is better to hedge your position or do stop loss orders.

64 [49 - 89]

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God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer

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