Daily Rasi Phalam by KT Astrologer

Daily Rasi Phalam based on your Moon Sign can be found on this page.

You will come to know about your health, love, sex, relationship, work, business, travel, finance, money, stock market trading, etc. for the day based on your moon sign.

The 12 moon signs are Medam (മേടം), Edavam (ഇടവം), Midhunam (മിഥുനം), Karkidakam (കര് ക്കിടകം), Chingham (ചിങ്ങം), Kanni (കന്നി), Thulam (തുലാം), Vrishchikam (വൃശ്ചികം), Dhanu (ധനു), Makaram (മകരം), Kumbham (കുംഭ), Meenam (മീനം). Note that the horoscope are based on local timezone and your location.
God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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Meenam (മീനം)

Medam (മേടം)

Edavam (ഇടവം)

Midhunam (മിഥുനം)

Kumbham (കുംഭ)

Karkidakam (കര് ക്കിടകം)

Makaram (മകരം)

Chingham (ചിങ്ങം)

Dhanu (ധനു)

Vrishchikam (വൃശ്ചികം)

Thulam (തുലാം)

Kanni (കന്നി)

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