Jupiter Transit (2016 - 2017) Work and Career Horoscope (Guru Peyarchi / Guru Gochar) for Aries (Mesha Rasi)

Work and Career

You may be asked to work on the low quality projects and your new boss will start doing micromanagement on you. You may have to get used to face harassments at your workplace as well. Even if you give complaint about your problematic colleagues or boss to your HR, things will backfire and you will get more problems. Your natal chart support or tolerance are only options. You may be tempted to quit your job since you would not be able to tolerate what�s going on your office environment. But keep in mind that if you lose your job, you will not get next one until next Jupiter transit due by Sep 2017.
Having said that it is very clear that this year is not looking good for seeking new opportunities or expect any kind of promotion or salary hike. As long as you can stay at the current level without losing your job, you can feel that you are blessed with your natal chart.
Government employees will have very hard time for the next one year. You may get into problems without any fault of yours. There is no surprise if you get any memo, performance / warning notice. Avoid getting into any new relationship at your workplace.

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