2016 April ఏప్రిల్ Work and Business రాశి ఫలాలు Rasi Phalalu for Mesha Rashi (మేష రాశి)

Work / Career and Business

Business people will have to many challenges in this month as well. You will have more worries and develop too much tension with unexpected financial loss. You will not get enough cash inflow to pay your minimum bills by start of this month. You may also have problems on tax, audit or law suits against you. However, the good news is, benefic Jupiter is gaining enough strength to protect you. You will get your business loans approved and some of your friends or business partners will help you to come out of finance problems. You will get new project deals starting from April 26, 2016 onwards. You will start moving up for the next few months that is until end of July 2016.

Meena Rashi (మీన రాశి)

Mesha Rashi (మేష రాశి)

Vrishabha Rashi (వృషభ రాశి)

Mithuna Rashi (మిధున రాశి)

Kumbha Rashi (కుంభ రాశి)

Karkataga Rashi (కర్కాటక రాశి)

Makara Rashi (మకర రాశి)

Simha Rashi (సింహ రాశి)

Dhanassu Rashi (ధనస్సు రాశి)

Vrishchik Rashi (వృశ్చిక రాశి)

Thula Rashi (తుల రాశి)

Kanya Rashi (కన్య రాశి)

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