2016 April ഏപ്രിൽ Work and Business Rasi Phalam for Midhunam (മിഥുനം)

Work / Career and Business

Business people will enjoy most fortunes in this month until April 26, 2016. It is an excellent time to sign new projects and expand your business. You will easily win against your competitors. If you are expecting any funding from investors or banks, it will get approved now. If you are running start up business and plan to sell it, then it is the perfect time. There is no surprise if you become multi-millionaire in overnight. Once you reach April 26, 2016, you need to be bit careful since malefic Jupiter will try to collapse your growth.

Meenam (മീനം)

Medam (മേടം)

Edavam (ഇടവം)

Midhunam (മിഥുനം)

Kumbham (കുംഭ)

Karkidakam (കര് ക്കിടകം)

Makaram (മകരം)

Chingham (ചിങ്ങം)

Dhanu (ധനു)

Vrishchikam (വൃശ്ചികം)

Thulam (തുലാം)

Kanni (കന്നി)

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