2016 New Year Aug to Dec 2016 Horoscope Predictions for Aries (Mesha Rasi)

Aug 11 to Dec 31 Very Bad Time (15 / 100)

You will have severe setback on your health condition now. You will get exhausted for doing small work. You will develop problems on bones, stomach, arthritis, etc. There is a possibility of having small surgeries indicated on the cards. If you are doing any exercises or involved in outdoor sports activities, take extra care on safety measures since minor injuries are indicated. You will have to concentrate more on prayers and meditation in this time period.
You will have very challenging time on your family environment. You will have to go through excessive mental stress with your family problems. The relationship with your spouse and other close family members will not go smooth. If you are newly married, you will have problems on conjugal bliss. It is a bad time for planning baby as well. Lovers will see worst time in romance. If you are single, better to be on that state otherwise you will have go through broken engagements in this time period.
If you are employed, you will have lot of mental stress and tension. It is unlikely that you will have any growth on your career. Hidden politics will be more and you will get blamed for no reasons. You will have to take responsibility for other�s mistakes as well. There is no surprise if you get laid off or terminated during this period. It is going to be a collateral damage for business people. You need to have strong natal chart to run the business otherwise you are on the road to file bankruptcy.
This period will give lot of financial problems and you will get into panic mode. Your bank loans may get rejected for no valid reasons. Your credit cards application will get denied. You will have to spend more money on car, home repair expenses. It is a bad time to buy or sell any real estate properties. Professional traders and speculative traders will see worst part of their life. As long as you stay at the same level on your finance, it would be a great achievement for you.

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