2016 New Year Jan 2016 to March 2016 Horoscope Predictions for Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi)

Jan 01 to March 26 Problems on your Career and Finance (35 / 100)

Your health will get affected adversely especially in the month of Feb due to Saturn and Mars conjunction and aspecting your Janma Rasi. You will develop unwanted tension and fear that can lead to many problems on your life. You need to develop lot of soft skills to handle the problems. Avoid travelling as much as you can, during this period.
You will start having conflicts and arguments with your family members. There will not be any conjugal bliss that can aggravate your problems. It is a bad time for planning baby. If you have already started pregnancy cycle, then you will do well with the strength of Jupiter, but make sure to take enough rest. If you are single, you can skip this period to look for new match. Lovers will have to be patience instead of expecting romance.
Since Jupiter is in good position, job loss is unlikely to happen. But if you are due to job change as per your destiny, then you will get laid off by last week of Feb 2016. Since you can find another excellent job in the next couple of months, no need to get worried much. If you are employed, you can expect to have more work pressure and tension. You need to give up your personal time and vacation for your work. You will go through unexpected and unwanted changes at your work place � like company reorg, or your manager and supporting senior colleagues may quit, etc. But the problems you see at your workplace will be short lived. Business people will have to keep enough patience. You can work on implementing your innovative ideas, but it is not the time for selling ideas to make money. If you are expecting any funding, it will get delayed now.
This is a challenging period for your finance as well. You will have to spend more money on travel which can increase your mental stress. Your car and home maintenance expenses will shoot up. Avoid any kind of real estate transactions since it can yield only losses for you. Needless to say that you will not see any profits in stock market investments.

God bless you!
Written by KT Astrologer
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