2016 New Year Jan to March 2016 Horoscope Predictions for Scorpio (Vrishchik Rasi)

Jan 01 to March 26 Severe Testing Period (20 / 100)

Favorable Rahu is also moving back to Simha Rasi that can create another setback on your family life. Saturn, Mars and Rahu combination can create serious conflicts and arguments with your spouse. If you are separated and have pending litigation, things may drag and may not go on your favor. There will not be any conjugal bliss. If you are newly married, the problems might be severe. If you are single, it is better to stay single that can give you better relief.
No surprise if you have to lose your job by first week of March 2016. You need to adjust yourself a lot and work hard to keep your job safe. Even then you will notice hidden politics and heated arguments with your co-workers. No matter how hard you work, your boss would not be happy and start assigning more and more work. It is not a good time to seek growth your career and you need to focus more on survival. Business people will lose golden opportunities and big clients for silly reasons. Your competitor will give you hard time. Avoid any kind of business expansion and work on cost control. Avoid any business travels since it can not materialize.
It is going to be a challenging period for your finance and investments. You will see more expenses related to travel, medical, car and home repair expenses. You may lose money on your real estate investments. If you have any building construction in progress, it will get stuck and will not move forward. Your bank loans and credit card application may get rejected in no time. Do not think off entering into stock market since this period can give you wealth destruction.

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